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Birdham School FPTA (Friends, Parents and Teachers Association) is a charity set up with the aim to raise funds to support Birdham School. The members of the committee are parents of children at the school and we encourage everyone at the school plus teachers and friends to get involved and support the various activities and events we run.

On average we raise approx. £4000 per year through events such as Plant Sale & Family Fun Day, Sparkle Night at Crouchers and a Christmas Fair.  In the past we have donated the money to projects such as the roof over the swimming pool, the Memorial Pavilion, Playground Equipment including the Tumble Tower, Coaches to Theatres, New Book Bags, Leavers Gifts, Leavers Party, and most recently the new Library.



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What does the FPTA do at Birdham CE Primary School?

Lots! Is the short answer!  Every year our brilliant FPTA organise a lots of activities to smooth transition for new parents and their child into school, as well as providing ‘treats’ that the DfE funding just wouldn’t allow.  Examples include:

• giving each child who starts school a book bag

• paying for the coaches to the theatre every January

• paying for lollies on Sports Day

• buying crackers and goodies at Christmas

• providing all Y6 pupils with a farewell present, and contributing to the leavers’ party

• Busy Things annual subscription

• plus a host of other small things that help make our school special


Below is a table that shows how the school has used some of the bigger contributions over the last few years. Nearly £40k has been used to make these items possible - well done you!


Target audience



All children


Library Books

All children


KS1 playground (including drainage issues)

Key Stage 1


Tumble tower

Key Stage 2


KS2 playground

Key Stage 2


Swimming pool cover and changing rooms

All children


Trim trail

Key Stage 1


Stage area

Key Stage 1





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